In one of our projects, we had to provide a statistical forecast for the sales of one of the main parteners of the company. The below result has not only the future projection of the sales, but also an what-if analyse in which, on request, we altered the real values by increasing some values of sales price for some items and decrease some prices for others. The 2 curves looking quite the same, made the company, we implement the project for, to adopt the "what-if" strategy for the chosen prices. The green graph represents the future forecast of sales based ONLY on past values. A very complex but also accurate statistical prediction algorithm is implemented in Hyper Analyzer, providing far more better results then many other prediction functions.


During the development of our projects we are frequently asked about Charting in Hyper Analyzer.
Hyper Analyzer provides not only standard charts, but also a large bunch of graphical elements which can be arranged in a creative way.
We do claim that our rendering approach has more flexibility then any other BI oriented charting module. Creative analysis are possible combining business logic with pleaseant design and creativity. Below you may see a creative analyse of sales which contains all the necessary information regarding the margin, sales, acuisition value all in one well balanced, aesthetically designed image.


For one of our customers we have build on top of their ERP system a stock projection overview (see graph).
Standard MRP generated data of gross requirements and supply is first extended to provide a detailed trace until the source of these demands and supply (forecast/sales/...).
For this we developed our own multi-level-pegging routine, capable of handling co and by products know in the process industry.
The result is a Hyper Analyzer dataset on which the future stock situation can be evaluated on any time line (day/week/month...) and by any grouping (vendor/buyer-planner/...) . This way the customer can proactively take measures which will lower inventory cost and will turn the business in a lean direction.