Using SQL Combine

These days two different processes are considered standard in importing data. ETL: Extract, Transform and Load, ELT: Extract, Load and Transform. ETL performs transformation of data before data is loaded, ELT loads in most of cases data as it is and performs the transformations on database level. Both of them have pro and cons, a simple search for ELT and ELT on web would provide much more details about these 2 technologies.

Hyper Analyzer was designed to import and combine data from different sources in a very simple way. It considers the different sources as virtual tables in an ad-hoc database. On this ad-hoc database several SQL statements can be processed after wich data can be imported to be analyzed. With other words Hyper Analyzer has a built in ETL and ELT tool while the processes of data Transformation and Load are invoked several times on different stages. The SQL Combine extension uses latest Firebird embedded engine and syntax as back-end of the ETL/ELT process.


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