Using Import Wizard

Hyper Analyzer is able to extract data from virtually any existing database using built in connectors or ADO connectors. A special interface was created to simplify the import process for: Microsoft Access (version 97 and up), Excel (version 97 and up), MSSQL (any version supported by Microsoft's built-in ADO), ORACLE (client required), WinMentor (Paradox version), Firebird (version 1.0 and up).

A generic ADO connector interface is provided in order to extend the usability of any commercial or non commercial ADO data source. ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) is an application program interface from Microsoft that lets Windows applications to get access to a relational or non relational database from Microsoft or other database providers. A very useful WEB page with connectors syntax is at

For databases the wizard provides a database schema automatically loaded when connection is successfully established. A user friendly editor shows both a graphical and SQL approach in making queries which simplifies the importing process. Existing SQL queries can be copy/pasted into the editor and automatically turned into a graphical representation.Additional settings are provided to rename columns, to force field types or to use specific date time or number formats.
Every import wizard schema can be saved as a separate file which can be afterwards imported directly without using the wizard interface.