Customers and testimonials

Avery Dennison is a recognized industry leader that develops innovative identification and decorative solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. The Specialty Tape Division located in Tunrhout, Belgium is a world-class operation that specialises in the production of high-performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives for the industrial, consumer, medical and HVAC/R marketplaces.

Werner Van Hoye, IT Manager Performance Tapes Avery Dennison Turnhout:
"Three years ago, in the Belgian plant of Avery Dennison, we had a choice whether to extend the existing BI software or go for Hyper Analyser. We went with Hyper Analyser for it's flexibility, features and low cost. In a few months the new analysis requirements were implemented and existing reports were transferred to the new BI environment. Since then virtually the whole local organisation's business analysis demands are performed on Hyper Analyser. More then 100 professionals from the supply chain, planning, production, quality, finance and sales departments are using more then 25 different projects developed in Hyper Analyzer for the day by day reporting and analysis. The automation features of Hyper Analyser has let us to streamline the whole S&OP reporting and data collecting process and prepare and export data to our CRM in te cloud. All these are performed by combining several data sources like MFG-PRO ERP data, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access Databases or Text files."

BMTech SRL Iasi and BMTech Belgium ( have as main activity sheet metal production.

Implemented projects: production analysis, sales analysis, delivery performance analysis, vendor performance, labor efficiency analysis and many more.

Geert Steurs, Manager
"We use Hyper Analyzer for a large range of analysis in all our departments which runs on daily basis. We externalized most of the IT activity to LogBis in both Belgium and Romania, being very pleased with the results for many years."​​

AXELEN-VERLA Holding - Cluj Napoca


AXELEN SRL is a known Romanian company located in Cluj Napoca, imports and distributes a large palette of products for interior design (
VERLA SRL, located in Cluj Napoca is for 17 years an important distributor of advertising materials in Romania (


Developed projects: sales analysis, purchases analysis, payment analysis
Developed with Marius Egry, Fisc Consulting srl, Cluj Napoca


Teodora Parcalab, Director
"By aquiring Hyper Analyzer Developer suite, our companies have now a precise and flexible report generator system with an automatic flow of information without any change of our infrastructure. We are in touch with LogBis for further possible development of extra modules which would cover the current reporting and analysis needs for our ERP system"

Wherehows Logistics is a consultancy logistics company located in Holland who build their own analysis packages based on Hyper Analyzer.

They implemented several projects, some of them having SAP ERP data as source. A complete analysis package has been made for users of Kardex Remstar's systems and it's PowerPick software. Other direct links to Warehouse Management Systems supplier's software is pending.

Vincent Weinschenk, Manager Wherehows Logistics
"As a specialized logistic consultancy we do many projects on warehouse planning, lay-out and process re-modelling, productivity studies, product slotting, orderpick strategies and so on. In our business 70% of the final solution is based on analysis. Where others still struggle using Excel and Access we are in pole-position by using Hyper Analyzer in our daily business and services. This is one of the reasons why we are also hired by other consultancy firms, the bigger logistic service providers, and well-known system integrators besides our customers. In order to strengthen this position together with LogBis we develop further in-depth analytics, metrics and statistics for Warehousing Intelligence and Supply Chain Intelligence."​​​

PARTENER company started in 1996 in BACAU, Romania, being one of the most important distributors of welding equipments, pumps, air compressors, building equipments, pneumatic tools and many more.

Implemented projects: purchasing-sales multi-company cross analysis, profitability analysis.
Implemented with Iulian Machidon, Bacau

Leontina Lichi, Financial Manager.
"We aquired two years ago Hyper Analyzer Developer package at a very inexpensive price. We developed together with LogBis and Iulian Machidon (WinMentor integrator) a very complex project very specific to our business. Based on the positive results and flexibility of this project, we developed afterwards in our company many analysis which we run on periodical basis, being very pleased with the outputs."

Leontina Lichi
Director Economic.