Are you one of the many that are trying to juggle around with spreadsheets for reporting & analysis? Loosing time to extract data from all kinds of sources, getting a headache trying to reformat the data to have some workable data in your sheet? Having difficulties repeating an analysis, not alone remembering where you got the data before, but struggling getting the previous analysis figured out?And when you think about delegating your work to others it takes longer to explain than to keep on doing it yourself? Hyper Analyser incorporated scripting and ease of analysis make your recurring report jobs a walk in the park. Of course you are not limited to excel as your data source, Hyper Analyser can connect to a vast amount of different data sources including all major databases and a majority of others ranging from flatfiles to mainstream db’s like ORACLE, SQL Server, Access, Postgress, Firebird

Flexible analyzing tool for everyone

Hyper Analyser has a multitude of functionality that helps solving many day to day problems, without focusing or being limited to a particular market or group of users. Hyper Analyser is being used in markets ranging from manufacturing, logistics, HR, publishing, … , and applicated by users ranging from the work staff and management to consultants. All of them benefit from Hyper Analysers flexibility, speed and broad range of functionality. The following known Hyper Analyser installations help to illustrate this:

  • Several manufacturers use Hyper Analyser for S&OP thanks to its ability to connect data from different sources. Company owned data and external information from vendors and clients are combined to have a complete view of the situation.
  • Logistics consultants use Hyper Analyser as a decision and analysis tool when designing warehouses on the basis of the data they receive from their clients. The graphical representation of the warehouse in the analysis is for them a feature of paramount importance.
  • HR departments use Hyper Analyser to get a more detailed view on the activity of their workforce thus leveraging a more efficient organisation.