Every business has its own way to evaluate. But in financial terms a number of indicators are standard. By collecting all financial transactions we create a perfect analysis environment for financial professional who can customize further the results for any type of business.
Hyper Analyzer is able to collect several years financial transactions and make high accuracy financial estimations.
Several highlights of this analysis are: turnover, sold production, revenue from merchandise sales, production assets, operating revenues, expenses and supplies raw materials, water and energy expenditures, personnel costs, salaries expenses, expenditure insurance and social protection, expenditure vouchers, operating expenses, work expenses from third parties, expenditure taxes, financial income, financial expenses, total income, total expenses, operative result, financial result, gross margin, net earnings. They are the result of simple formulas based on the accounts number and transaction type.
More refined analysis can be made, based on the type of business: interest coverage, self-financing capacity, market capitalization, net working capital, permanent capital, cash flow management and any other indicator available considered useful to financial analysts for a particular type of business.
If for transactions analysis, was facile to generate a demo data set, for financial analysis the situation is different, for many information about documents we cannot generate arbitrary data.


A major interes of managers and financials analysts are sales analysis. LogBis extended the sales analysis with purchasing analysis and inventory analysis in a very atractive dataset. Several advanced graphical representations and what if analysis are included.

Several highlights of this analysis are:
Large amount of data: 3 years full type of transactions in a company with a large amount of transactions.
Ready to run analysis with latest tendency in graphical representation.
High level mathematical/statistical prognosis
What-if analysis example with prices variation.

Download the large demo dataset (30MB) and see what Hyper Analyzer is able to do. This data set contains 3 years of data from a WinMentor database. WinMentor is one of the most know romanian ERP systems (http://www.winmentor.ro/main_ro.php).