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Imagine a recipe of 20 years experience in ERP software with 15 years experience in programming field and several successful software projects as enterprise project management, human resources, balanced scorecard, data analysis. Season them all with some passion for math and graphical representation and you have successfully created the picture of LogBis, an IT company for non IT people.

Daniel Zvinca (Romania) - more then 15 years experience in data analysis, programming, CAD development, graphical representation, architect of the successfully implemented projects in fields like CAD design, Enterprise Project Management, Human Resources, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence.

Wilfried Van den Bosch (Belgium) - more then 20 years experience in ERP systems, programming, logistics and IT management with excellent results in project implementations in several companies.​​

Manuela Nistor (Romania) - analyst programmer with 10 years experience in ERP systems, SQL and Hyper Analyzer. IT Freelancer.

Erik Willems (Belgium) - analyst programmer with 25 years experience in MFG-PRO, AXAPTA, Progress, SQL Server, TARGIT, Hyper Analyzer. Owner of ISIS Consulting bvba.

Vincent Weinschenk (Holland) - Senior consultant in logistics and warehouse design. Owner & Logistic Professional at Wherehows Logistics

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