Hyper Analyzer is a Business Intelligence desktop application which analyzes millions of records in seconds. It stores hundred of analyses in just a few megabytes. It generates complex analyses or classic reports targeting a large range of analysts and domains. It connects to virtually any data sources, databases or flat files. It installs in seconds on any Windows operating system. Powerful scripting language and SQL back-end are provided for versatile data manipulation and publishing. It is ready to be implemented in any secured system without changes.

How does it work

Simple is better

Hyper Analyzer connects via ODBC or ADO to virtually any database using ANSI SQL syntax. However the connection is required just once, the raw data can be saved in flat files which then can be loaded for analysis in seconds. The files are highly compressed, 1 million records with 50 columns can be stored in less then 5 MB. These files can be stored on a file system with the appropriate credentials or they can be transferred via e-mail, http, ftp or file protocol.
Analysis are stored in a structured entity called Mind Path, which can be stored together with the raw data or as separate files. Each analyse is performed in seconds, while all data is stored in memory in a highest compressed way possible, no predefined cubes are precalculated or stored.
This approach gives the highest flexibility for analysts, consultants and IT professionals to develop and integrate Hyper Analyzer in any organisation infrastructure.

Own your analysis

Behind the BI scene

These days the BI market is saturated by applications which provide collections of predefined reports or dashboards with limited capabilites.
Hyper Analyzer is a different kind of application. Huge amount of data can be stored in regular files of just a few megabytes suitable for file transfer (e-mail, http, ftp).
Analysis can be adjusted and performed in seconds, no server storage being involved. Original data is never altered, but calculated fields are provided for versatile analysis. A group of analysis can be stored together with the underneath data or can be saved separate as a mind path in just a few kilobytes, making it even more transportable. There are no restrictions for predefined hierarchies, analysis amount or complexity. Users from a large range of domains like manufacturing, logistics, HR, publishing, medium or top management can inquiry the data, build their own analysis and share with the others in the most simple and non restrictive way.

BA Application

One tool, several possibilities

As an IT professional I faced during the years a permanent battle between budgets and results. I've been also a witness of the raising IT field called Business Intelligence which was rapidly acquired by big players on the market. I could also have the opportunity to check almost all these tools from at least two perspectives: usability and value. My conclusion was: better an application is, higher the value is, having a raising complexity every new version. Simplicity was replaced by complexity, IT infrastructure has to be adjusted for integration.
Hyper Analyzer is the LogBis answer for today BI market. Simple usage, zero hardware requirements, no infrastructure changes, no special IT knowledge required. Multiple sources in one analyse, automatic mail or data generation, versatile script possibilities with different output, SQL manipulation or intermediary warehouse as advanced options are just a few arguments of our BA (business analysis) application.